REACH IS A PLATFORM. We provide businesses opportunities with a comprehensive selections from the most cost-efficient manufacturing enterprises across all industries and skill sets. With a primary focus on global development, we are dedicated to spread complete customized manufacturing and construction services worldwide.

REACH IS A GROUP. By shareholding or controlling the specialized companies, we offer a full suite of solutions by compromising the strong chains of the upstream and downstream industries, surprising our customers with the greatest degrees of one-stop services. We invested significantly in growing an unparalleled network of top talent across nearly every industry and every region around the globe.

REACH IS AN ALLIANCE. Our specialized companies demonstrated strong growth while sharing the powerful advantage of planing and designing, marketing, financing, exporting, and worldwide after-sales service network. For now the brand extends to the USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, Cameroon and other more than 30 countries and regions.